You’ve Been Viewed!

History of You’ve Been Viewed

At the July 2022 Grand National Rally (GNR) in Forest City, the View-Navion community decided that it would be fun to share comradery with other View-Navion owners, but how to bring the fun to life?

We’ve all seen a twin View-Navion in a parking lot, without its owner. Maybe we’ve even hung around for a moment or two just to say “Hello!”, only to find that we have to move on before the owner returns.  If only we had a “calling card,” a way to leave our “Hello!” behind. The Jeeps leave their rubber duckies behind, but how could we be original (and keep those bulky ducks out of our pockets)? After some ideas were tossed around, not only was the  “N V Us” cheer born, but so too was the  “You’ve Been Viewed” magnet….

What does a “You’ve Been Viewed” magnet on a View or Navion mean?

This is the act of “Viewing” or placing a magnetic sticker on the driver’s door of a View or Navion. Since “You’ve been Navion’ed” makes no sense, “You’ve been Viewed” was selected. When you spot a View or Navion, without its owner, slap that magnet on the door. The targeted RV owner will find your “Hello!” on their door when they return. Maybe the owner will know right away that they’ve “Been Viewed!” or maybe they will need some explanation to understand what has happened and what to do next. Make sure you include a web address ( )for an explanation of “You’ve been Viewed”  on your magnet. …

The game should be continued by planting your own magnetic sticker on someone else’s View or Navion. You can use a generic version (most recognizable to others), or you can get creative and design your own personalized magnet. Knowing some of you, these stickers will be quite interesting!

The View Navion Motorhomes mission is to help make this a fun, community building activity to help spread the smiles (and of course to have others N/V us and our comradery!!).

How do you play “You’ve been Viewed”?

“You’ve been Viewed” Game Rules

  1. To View another View or Navion, you will need a magnetic tag either generic or personalized (support for this is below).
  2. Next, Find a View or Navion. All View and Navion’s are welcome to play
  3. Gently put Your Tag on the driver’s door of the View or Navion.
  4. Congratulations, you have made someone’s day!

What do I need to Play “You’ve Been Viewed”?

A smidge of creativity, and a personalized or generic magnetic sticker: either make your own or design and order one. Put your name on, or not. A list of resources is listed here.