WIT Chapter Rules

  1. Members are required to be considerate and kind. Written communications regarding politics, religion, race, sexual innuendo, foul language, personal attacks or unnecessary polarizing topics are prohibited.
  2. You may not promote your business or monetized online.
  3. You must have paid your dues for the year to receive the benefits of being a V/N Motorhomes WIT member.
  4. Your membership expires a year from the date your dues were paid.
  5. You must own a View or Navion to be a member of the V/N Motorhomes WIT Group.
  6. Please be civil. If you make arrangements to attend a Rally/Get-Together, and life intervenes, and you cannot attend, please contact the individual in charge. Generally there are people who could not obtain a reservation or there were insufficient accommodations, Please be kind and coordinate your cancellation so someone from the group, and not a non-member, has the opportunity to attend.